Fifth International Workshop

Deryneia – Cyprus – October 11th-14th 2019

“Counternarratives for a tighter-knit Europe”

The Municipality of Deryneia, in the framework of its participation in the European programs for Europe for Citizens and Erasmus +, which started in August 2016, recently hosted 3 programs from 11 – 14.10.2019.

KNOT! “Knowledge, not Skepticism”, STEPONE “Traditional sports educate players of new Europe” and WAVES “Water activities valorising European socialisation”. The program was attended by 71 people from Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Malta, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Greece, Serbia and Italy.

Through the EUROPE FOR CITIZENS event they had the opportunity to watch a beautiful and lively Cypriot dance and song program by the Dernia Municipality Dance Ensemble and the impressive Sbandieratori delle Sette Contrade from the Italian Orte.

The program participants visited occupied Famagusta and were informed of our political problem, understanding that this is happening in a European country, raising the question of why Europe does not promote the solution of the Cyprus problem.

On Sunday morning, a Beach Volley tournament and water sports competitions were organized in the area of ​​Landa in Ayia Napa. The tournament featured 8 teams of 6 players. The winner was the youth team of Deryneia Anagennisis.

The citizens of Deryneia who have participated in previous programs in other countries of the European Union, have contributed with their volunteering throughout the organization and promotion of the hospitality of Dernice, which has really moved them.

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