Sixth International Workshop

Répáshuta- Hungary – November 8th-12th 2019

EU2030: gathering of recommendations and wishes from citizens of Europe

The sixth and last workshop of the International Project “KNOTS! – Knowledge Not Skepticism “, funded by the European Union’s program “Europe for Citizens” to the Hungarian municipality of Repashuta, was held from November 8th ’till November 12th. The meeting will mark the end of the Project itself, which began in February 2018 and already foresaw the realization of six international workshops: the first event in Castiglione in Teverina (IT) in August 2018, the second event in Vila Nova de Cerveira (PT) in October 2018, the third event in Ivancna Gorica (SI) in March 2019, the fourth event in Herrera del Duque (ES) in June 2019, the fifth event in Deryneia (CY) in October 2019.

The delegations that will be present at the meeting are: the municipality of Repashuta (HU), which will host all the others, the municipality of Bükkszentkereszt (HU), the municipality of Castiglione in Teverina (IT), the municipality of Mellieha (MT), the municipality of Amt Trittau (DE), the association Balkanu Zields (LV), the organization Vojvodina (SB), the municipality of Deryneia (CY), the municipality of Panevezys (LT) and the municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira ( PT).

The project, as suggested by the name itself, aims to contrast the Euroscepticism and the diffusion of fake and misleading news. The delegations, in the five previous meetings, were able to discuss good practices to contrast this phenomenon, particularly focusing on the perspectives of the nations present and their points of view, opening debates and allowing the circulation of ideas. In these five days, however, the delegations will have the opportunity to draw the conclusions of the Project and to discuss the paths followed during the same. Feedback will be recorded from the delegations present and plans for the future will be drawn up.

The convivial and cultural moments were also important and so they will be on this last occasion, in which the delegations got to know the characteristic sites of the host Nation. In the next five days, visits to the Hungarian capital Budapest and other sites of interest will be scheduled, with tastings of typical local products.

“For the Municipality of Repashuta it was an honour to be the Applicant of this Project, and in the same way it will be an honour to receive the delegations and to give them the opportunity to discover the beauties of our Nation. The fact that our small town, which has no more than 600 inhabitants, may have been the leader of a European project focused on such a current topic and that has been a promoter of good practices among the participating nations, makes us really proud. I hope that our small municipality can serve as an example for many others”. These the words of the Mayor of Repashuta Tamàs Erdos, who moreover declared “However, this occasion was unique in that it allowed several European delegations to be in the same context and to have a direct possibility of comparison, also giving visibility to our small town. I would therefore like to thank all the delegates who participated actively and democratically in the activities carried out, and who will also take part in this last meeting, and I would like to thank the delegates of the Repashuta municipality for their fundamental organizational efficiency for this last meeting”.

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