About KNOTS!

KNOTS! – Knowledge, not Skepticism! is a Network of Towns project funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union

KNOTS! is promoted by Partners from 16 Nations that are united by a strong will to come together to boost among their communities the reflection on EU relevant themes and to promote civic and democratic participation of their citizens. For the purpose of this project the partnership choose to focus on two main themes that are affecting EU countries, causing risks to the social cohesion of local communities: Xenophobic and nationalist propaganda and Euroscepticism. The action aims at creating strategies of resilience for local communities, to tackle crisis such as the arrival of consecutive flows of migrants and to oppose to the effects of negative propagandas. Infact all the partners agreed that the conjunture between migrants crisis and the use and manipulation of data for political propaganda are a threat to the cohesion of local communities and to the cooperation among Member States, and that only a sincere and deep reflection on causes and real data can help the citizens to oppose to disgregative feelings. During its 24 months duration the Project will:
– Boost reflection on Euroscepticism, its causes and different subtleties;
– Analyse the migration phoenomenon, its causes and history;
– Offer tools of media literacy and correct datas on the EU and on the migrants crisis;
– Examine propagandas and create counternarratives;
– Gather opinions and recommendation on the EU and its policies among the citizens;
– Foster integration and social engagement of third country nationals;
– Signature of an agreement to set up a permenent network of collaboration at EU level.

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