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Sixth International Workshop

Répáshuta- Hungary – November 8th-12th 2019 EU2030: gathering of recommendations and wishes from citizens of Europe The sixth and last workshop of the International Project “KNOTS! – Knowledge Not Skepticism “, funded by the European Union’s program “Europe for Citizens” to the Hungarian municipality of Repashuta, was held from November 8th ’till November 12th. TheContinue reading “Sixth International Workshop”

Fifth International Workshop

Deryneia – Cyprus – October 11th-14th 2019 “Counternarratives for a tighter-knit Europe” The Municipality of Deryneia, in the framework of its participation in the European programs for Europe for Citizens and Erasmus +, which started in August 2016, recently hosted 3 programs from 11 – 14.10.2019. KNOT! “Knowledge, not Skepticism”, STEPONE “Traditional sports educate playersContinue reading “Fifth International Workshop”

Fourth International Workshop

Herrera del Duque – Spain – June 27th-July 1st 2019 “Debunking propaganda: media literacy and correct use of information” The Fourth International Workshop of the KNOTS! – Knowledge, not Skepticism!, funded to the Hungarian Municipality of Répáshuta by the European Union’s Europe for Citizens Program, ended on July 1st 2019. KNOTS! is a Network ofContinue reading “Fourth International Workshop”

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