Second International Workshop

Vila Nova de Cerveira – Portugal – October 25th-29th 2018

“Analysing Skepticism and debunking Fake News”

The Second International Meeting for the KNOTS! – Knowledge, NOT Skepticism project, , funded by the Europe for Citizens of the European Union Program to the Municipality of Repashuta (Hungary), was held from October 25th to October 29th 2018 in Vila Nova de Cerveira (PT).

During the Meeting the partner delegations were engaged in a debate about Skepticism, fake news and media literacy, sharing example and practices of actions carried out prevent the diffusion of midleading information around the different EU Countries. Each delegation shared, over the course of several occasions for discussion, opinions and recommendations collected from its local communities on issues relevant to Europe.
During the meeting there were moments dedicated to thematic visits to cooperatives and social associations and guided tours to get to know Vila Nova de Cerveira and the surrounding municipalities, tours in the castle and in the main museums and exhibition were also planned.

The meeting created ample opportunities for integration between the delegates and the local community, participation in voluntary and solidarity activities, as well as to promote the typicality and beauty of the town at European level.

The Mayor of Vila Nova de Cerveira Fernando Nogueira underlined the importance of the meeting for his community, stressing out how it is a priority to educate the citizens to be aware of the risks created by the circulation of fake news. “It is important that actions like the KNOTS! project are supported by authorities and educational system, since the citizens, old and young, need new tools to face the rising threat given by misleading communication, propaganda and fake news” Added the Mayor “As part of Europe, it is fundamental that this action is carried out together with other 16 Countries, great value must be given to the direct collaboration of citizens”.

In addition, Vila Nova de Cerveira had the chance to promote its numerous best practices in the social field, solidarity associations and active citizenship and added value to the debate at European level. The meeting represented a further opportunity for growth for the participating associations, which were able to enrich their activities thanks to the exchange of good practices in the KNOTS project.

The Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira was supported in the organization of activities by volunteers and young people from local associations, schools and youth work groups.

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