Third International Workshop

Ivančna Gorica – Slovenia – March 14th-18th 2019

Analysing the Migration Phoenomenon

The municipality of Ivančna Gorica, which is participating in several European projects this year, hosted representatives of 22 delegations from 15 countries of the European Union. Within the KNOTS and CROSSOVER projects, a number of activities were carried out in workshops to find answers to the phenomenon of Euroscepticism and in particular to skepticism connected to the migrants crisis, what Europe can offer and how to involve young people and improve participation in elections to the European Parliament.

In addition to the official reception of guests from both projects by the Mayor of Ivančna Gorica, Dusan Strnad, the central event in these days took place on Saturday at the market in Ivančna Gorica. On the so-called EU market, guests and many citizens of Ivancna Gorica were present, with a visit honored by MEPs Patricia Sulin and Milan Zver. They entrusted the gathering with interesting information about Europe, and at the same time the attendees listened to the involvement of young people in European projects.

The host of the event, Mayor Dusan Strnad, expressed his gratitude to all those who are preparing two European projects and who accepted the municipality of Ivančna Gorica: “By attending this event and attending these days you have shown that we Europeans really are one family to learn from each other, we connect, cooperate and this is the most we can achieve with such meetings”.

He is convinced that there is no need to question whether or not the decision to join the EU was right. “Every step of the way, this is known, even in the municipality we could not take such rapid steps in development without EU assistance, and that is what is evident at every step. What the EU has to offer is opportunities for our youth, for the exchange of experience, for new jobs, for the opportunities offered by the broad European market, which is what we all expected from the EU and which, I am sure, we are already reached. Of course, there are challenges and opportunities that we must overcome together” He said. He wished everyone a pleasant stay in the municipality of Ivanka and invited them to return with their friends and families.

In her speech, Patricia Šulin stressed that in the future, Europe has a lot of work to do to stay in the direction where the European Union was founded. “I very much hope that the ‘European ship’ will continue to sail in the waters of peace, which is very important to us all. By joining the EU in 2004, Slovenia stepped into very important waters, not only in drawing on European funds, but also entered its economy and other activities with a population of 500 million people.”. The absorption of funds by joining European projects is very well used by the municipalities of Ivančna Gorica. This was evidenced by the Saturday event in Ivančna Gorica, which brought Europe closer to the citizens.

Dr. Milan Zver emphasized the joy that our local communities are well integrated into various projects with other European countries, thus sharing good practices and strengthening ties with each other. “Just such projects as were presented in Ivančna Gorica KNOTS! and CROSSOVER, as well as the Erasmus+ program, represent this most reliable binder that connects us in Europe, so we repeatedly say that investing in young people is the best investment in the future of the European Union”.

Representatives of numerous organizations from all over Europe, these days also visited the sights of Ivančna Gorica and Slovenia, tasting local delicacies and culture through music and dance. With their dancing point the guests were especially impressed by the folklorists of the Vidovo Cultural Society. The latter also presented their involvement in the international folklore festival Šentfolk. Musicians of the Ivančna Gorica Music School and Godba Stična also introduced themselves with the music point.

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